Sunday 25 November 2007

My First OpenNtf Project!

Well it has been a while since I last posted. I got sort of distracted by a million and one other things that demanded my time. ~sigh~ c'est la vie as our French cousins would say.

Anyway I have published my first bit of open source code on ... a hardly startling AJAX name picker using the YAHOO UI framework.

Not the most earth shattering bit of code it has to be said but I think it is quite good and it filled a requirement I needed at work for a web enabled work flow app I was writing. Which does beg the question why does the Domino Server not have something that provides Name Picker functionality on the web without having to open a vein and sacrifice a virgin on the third Tuesday of the month?

If anyone is interested you can find it at the link below, please post a comment or rate it..

Click here for the OpenNTF project


Patrick Kwinten said...

how do I get this application started? i get a 500 error report

Steve McDonagh said...


My apologies !!! Blogger didn't send me an email saying you had left a comment way back in Nov and I was pruning some stuff out today and I noticed your comment.

Did you get the Name Picker sample working?


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