Friday 16 December 2011

"Pain in the Arse" problem found in 853 client pre-roll out testing

During Lotus Client testing of 853 we have come across a problem that it is perhaps wise to be aware of.
If you have the following set of circumstances
1. You have laid out a forms elements in a table
2. You display the form in a Frameset, page or Dialog box
3. You have not explicitly set a Background Colour in all the cells of the table
4. Your First cell in the table has an explicit Background Colour set
This happens
The background colour of the first cell in the table is inherited by all the cells that have the backgound colour as the default [NONE] Which is a bit ackward if your font colour happens to be the same as the background colour!

I don't think UP1 fixes this but I haven't tried so it might but I am informed that UP1 is more to do with xPagey stuff.

I have tested this on XP, Vista and Windows7 853 clients and they are all the same.

To fix it set the BG colour to an actual colour rather than the [none] default and it appears as expected

Given my previous contact with bug reporting being less that warm and fuzzy . we are currently looking at the possibility tweaking all our tables in forms so default [none] background colours are replaced with an actual colour prior to 8.5.3 rollout, for now we will have to stay on 8.5.2

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