Sunday 19 December 2010

"Sargent Brill's Lonely Lotus Band" the 3rd prize for the "It's a small lotus World" draw

Okey Dokey

As mentioned in the last post.. there is a draw happening at UKLUG nite at Lotusphere and a REALLY REALLY nice pixel art framed print is up there for first prize.  All you need to do is nip over to here and make a $10  donation, (or as many $10 donations as you want cos you can have more than one)

All monies raised are going to a very fine charity, the Children's Cancer Charity

Now were the chance of winning the Pixel Art not enuff I have done 3 pieces of "unique" art for 2nd, 3rd and 4th place in the draw. There is a painting, a map (see last post) and now this..

"Sargent Brill's Lonely Lotus Band"
(Click for a better view)
If you are not on it, sorry ... i ran out of room...
Cast (in no particular order)
Susan "Notes Goddess" Bulloch
Warren "Lego" Elsmore
Gab Davies
Mark "Wookie" Myers
Ben "Curmudgeon" Poole
Mary Beth Raven
Tim "El Nacho Libre" Clark
Ed Brill
Chris "IDoNotes" Millar
Rob "Capt Oblivious" McDonagh
Stuart "TWIL" McIntyre
Darren "T'Other TWIL" Duke
Rob "Free Beer" Novak
Julian "Urinal Cake" Robichaux
Marie "I hate IMAP" Scott
Jess Stratton and Jenna
Kevin "Lotus Guru" Pettitt
John "Starfish" Head
Nathan "Escape Velocity" Freeman
Kathy "Never done Running" Brown
Tom "Duffbert" Duff
Bob Balaban
Paul "Short Arse" Mooney
Carl Tyler (the blue man years)
Matt White
Gayle Elgort
Bruce Elgort
Eileen Fitzgerald
Francie Tanner

...there are also two pint of Guinness, one of Mary Beth's Shoes, the OPEN button, a cock, a squirrel and a kitten and an unabashed plug for Duffberts book.

Thats all .. just $10
and now 4 prizes !

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