Friday 30 October 2009

eContent - The start of a new "home" project

have been ruminating about a home project (rather than work) that will exercise my Domino and Flex muscles [ Flex my Flex if you will ;) ] and I am sort of settled on a content managment system called eContent. I have got all the ideas in my head at the minute and they are currently being Mind-Mapped into some form of sensible order.

I have got the front page and logon up and running and I may be asking for volunteers to road test it in the next couple of weeks. It will [when and if it is finished ] be released open-source, so if anyone is interested in idiot testing it when I get something to test, please drop me an email.

This is the front screen [click for a bigger image] and I shall be blogging the life cycle of the project as I go for the moment there isn't a lot to say other than .. Happy Birthday "eContent"

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