Wednesday 23 January 2008

An Idea for a Domical Network

Hmmm I have been mulling over an idea for a corporate social networking application that leverages the Domino Directory as an initial data driver. I know that IBM are pushing several products "Connections" and "QuickR" aimed at this very idea. However as with all things commercial there is a cost involved.

What about those companies you are not yet on Version 8 and for what ever reason aren't planning to go there any time soon? There has to be scope for a V6/V7 application that uses the fun things you can do with AJAX to build and manage knowledge networks within a Domino Environment?

I have actually written down some stuff to flesh out this idea. A working title for the moment is "yaken" This a good old Ulster-Scots expression meaning "do you know?" which is, for me a reasonably obscure pun. "Yaking" meaning to speak ... yada yada yada

I will try and follow this up in the next few weeks with some actually design for the UI and datastore .. more later

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