Tuesday 27 August 2013

All change has at it's heart a moment of melancholy

.... and today more than most.

For Warren Elsmore announced that ICON formerly known as UKLUGi s bowing out after 8 years of state of the art conferencing.

The world it seems changes, moves on and re-aligns it's priorities in new and interesting ways yet these changes are always tinged with a moistness of eye and a faint longing to be returned to "the good old days" a moment of Kleenex requirement if you will.

I am honoured to have helped with UKLUG and ILUG in a small way for several years and it is without hesitation that I am marking it's demise with a standing all be it virtual round of applause, cheering, whistling and throwing my cap in the air. For not to beat around the bush the work that Kitty and Warren and the other team members put in to making each and every UKLUG event a success is considerable ... very very considerable and this hard work was echoed at BLUG. MWLUG, AUSLUG and every other LUG around the world.

It is a matter of continuing amazement to me that a few people that care can make a substantial change, Theo at BLUG, Warren and Kitty at UKLUG and Paul and Eileen at ILUG and all the other people involved with LUGs are fired up to the point they are willing to give of their time and themselves and take that quite substantial risk .. a risk taken to make a difference.

Warren and Kitty's hard work over the years has left behind an enormous crowd of people who left each and every event better than when they arrived. They left with new skills ,they left better equipped to deal with the problems they face, they left with address books bulging  with contacts of both BP sponsors and fellow attendees and most valuable of all they left inspired .... and that is one hell of a most awesome wonderful thing to have achieved! So to the other team members, speakers, sponsors, partners, attendees and most of all Warren an Kitty I salute you.


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