Thursday 3 January 2013

Offical start of the Domino Charity Marathon Dander For Cash 2013

The Dander Route
A while back I mentioned that there would be a reprise of the Domino Dander for Cash this coming year.

It takes me great pleasure to announce that this year's Dander will be longer bigger and more challenging than the two that have preceeded it.

As of today it is offical, a spreadsheet has been created and accomodation is being looked at and foot care product sales have gone through the roof in certain places around the UK and USA

When I say "we" these are the brave souls that will attempt to walk the 80 miles of  "The Great Glen" in Scotland in kilts in May.

Eileen Fitzgerald, Tony Holder, Bill Buchan, Carl Tyler (and Niece) are definites and Julian Woodward may possibly join us. Frank Doherty has offered to do some of the logistics if needed. We are starting on the west side of Scotland and walking to the East from Fortwilliam in the south west up along the Caladonial Canal, along the full length of Lough Ness and then down to the city of Inverness on the East Coast.

80 miles split in 4 days of approximately 20 miles each day.

Well it needs to be a challenge otherwise you folks out there won't give us lots of your hard earned cash for the charity we are doing this for. To be blunt 80miles in 4 days is MORE than enough of a challenge for myself! So the walkers now have 20 weeks to get into shape, trim the kilts and get "fettled" as they say in Norn Iron for the task ahead.

Since we are walking in Scotland we though a local Scottish charity would be a good idea and although the actual charity is not finialised we have sort of agreed that given that Bill Buchan's village charity raft race is on the week-end we finish we will probably support the larger of the charities they help - it looks likely that the very excellent and deserving Childrens Hospice Association Scotland will be the one we will be raising monies for - watch this space for details.

Two years ago when all the cash was tallied up we raised over £3000.00 that was for 26 miles in Kilts, this time it is a good deal further AND "Big Firm Tony" will be with us. THE WHOLE WAY!!!!!!!!! So when the time comes I will be expecting you to be generous ;-) and I would think that we should be able to manage £4000.00 this year if we try extra hard.

There will hopefully be a dedicated blog on the way shortly where you can follow the preparations for the Dander and the Dander itself. I am also designing a tee-shirt for the walkers. Both the blog and tee-shirt will have spaces for any ISVs or  BPs out there that would like (for a small charitable donation) to have their logos emblasioned on blog and the manly and womanly chests of the participants.

So if you are a BP and would like to have your company associated with this kilted charitable community challenge, drop me an email and I will very gladly take any (or all) of your money :-D and do my best to plug the life out of your company name out there on the internet!

If any of the folks reading this want to join us for the walk but can't do the whole walk, feel free to come and join in for one or part of any of the days we are walking, the more the merrier again just drop me an email. and I will send you details of where we will be on what day.

There is also likely to be a big slap up meal in Inverness on the Friday to which any local Domino or indeed any geeky folks that might be about are more than welcome to come and buy us drink- again more details later.

So watch the new feeds for more details about blogs and how BPs and inviduals can help us reach our target for this year.

Spread the News  ..


03/Jan/2013 ** Update ** Chris Coates has just confirmed he has joined the Danders!!
03/Jan/2013 ** Updaye ** Julian Woodward has moved from "Possibly" to "Almost definitely"

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