Sunday 26 February 2012

IBM Should Support IBM Connections, IBM Sametime and Lotus Notes Traveler on IBM i

This is by way of Steve Pitcher who is bribing us with free beer. Having said that as an iBoxer of old all the way from the S34/S36/S38 precursors I have a feeling I will be buying Steve the beers and not the other way around!

Why Should these IBM Collaboration Solutions (ICS) products run on IBM i?
  • IBM i on Power Systems and it's predecessors have literally hundreds of thousands of installations worldwide.
  • IBM i customers want to leverage existing investments in hardware, software, personnel and training.
  • Running ICS servers on other platforms complicates IBM i customer environments. Many customers have a single IBM i server running their entire business.
  • Better performance - All server to server communications is via the Power Systems high speed bus.
  • Better security - IBM i is impervious to viruses. Period.
  • Better uptime - IBM i has a higher uptime % than any other operating system
  • IBM i is IBM's most widely deployed operating system, over AIX, Power Linux and zOS.
  • Fewer points of failure - One system to manage, administer, maintain, backup and recover.
  • 200 IBM i customers and IBM Business Partners representing 520,000 potential licenses have already expressed interest in these products only if they were supported on IBM i

Go to this website and tell IBM that you want support for IBM Connections, IBM Sametime and Lotus Notes Traveler on IBM i.
I have ... so should you!

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