Wednesday 25 January 2012

2012 Big Bloggers Dander for Dosh - Invitation!

He ho gentle readers!

Christmas is over and the new year brings a whole new horizon of wonderful exciting things to stick 2012 after (or before). So since the "Extraordinary Elsmores" have set the dates for UKLUG 2012 to be 3-4 September, it seemed like a good idea to arrange the 2nd Big Blogger Dander for Dosh around the same time - currently we are looking at the 25th August or the 1st September.

Now the 2011 Dander for Dosh raised over £3000.00 for the Famine In East Africa - which was great and we want to raise even more this year! So we are making this years effort an open invitation to everyone and anyone mad enough to do it.

You don't have to be a geek, a blogger or even have any interest in clipboards to join in. Come along and join Eileen Fitzgerald and myself on a 26 mile dander in the Irish Countryside followed by a slap up meal and drinkies. You will need to be is reasonably fit (I am doing it so you do not have to be "that" fit) have a good pair of socks, walking boots (not shoes!), a good waterproof jacket and a sense of humour (as Eileen will tell you my jokes deteriorate from 5 miles onward) oh and if you have one a Kilt.

This year's charity has yet to be decided but regardless of what that is you do not have to raise money whatever we settle on. You can raise cash for your own favourite charity at home or abroad. All we ask is that you raise money, lots and lots of money and have a really good time doing it!

The other reason we are putting this out there amongst you now is because it does take time to build up to a 26 mile dander. It is not as tough as running a marathon but it is 10+ hours of walking, there may be blisters and sweat rashes in awkward places! We are telling you this in January because you will have 7 months to prepare which is loads of time!

Eileen is out recceing suitable routes in the West of Ireland right now and we will announce the route as soon as we know -be assured it will be beautiful and not just because I will be there in my Dandering Kilt.

We realise that things are a bit vapoury at the minute but we plan to have things firmed up in the next few weeks and we would like to have a rough guess as to the number of people that are interested in joining us. You don't have to make a firm commitment right now but if you are interested in giving the Big Blogger Dander For Dosh 2012 a go it would be great if you could drop me a comment on this blog post or an Email to mcdonaghs [at] utvinternet[dot]com and we can keep you up to date with developments.

Challenge yourself in 2012 come and join us on the Big Blogger Dander For Dosh 2012 !

Look forward to hearing from you :-)

Steve and Eileen

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