Sunday 21 August 2011

The Dander for Dosh 2011

Just a quick "Thank You!" to all the friends, colleagues and strangers who donated to the First Domino Dander for Dosh charity walk. Eileen Fitzgeral, Andy Clark (a colleague from AVX where I work) and I completed the 26.22 miles of the Moyle Way yesterday in 10hrs and 6 minutes and thanks to the generosity of you lot we raised £1,375.00 for the Disaster Emmergency Committee appeal for the drought and famine in East Africa.

It is humbling to think that we 3 can raise some cash and make a difference to lives so far away. £0.25 will bring a child back from the brink of death, and £1375.00 will make a real difference to lots of people. We did the walk because we enjoy walking and hoped to make a bit of a difference to some other people ... you helped us to do that and we are very very very grateful to you all..

Thank you thank you thank you!

A full post on the goings-on with picture can be found here on the family blog

And once again THANK YOU!!! You guys ROCK!

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