Tuesday 29 March 2011

HELP !! Really odd Domino Designer 8.5.2 issue

I have a really peculiar error on my Domino Designer and would like your input.

01. I open an NSF in Designer or Right Click "Open in Designer" from the client workspace
02. The file opens in designer and in the title and file location in the left hand designer panel  is correct
03  I open any of the design elements Forms, Outlines, Pages whatever
04. The designer has a think and rather than open it on the server that I opened it on, it goes off and tries to open the file on another server, it is always the same other server, and the file may or may not have a replica on that server. Most of the time the file is on the developement server ONLY
05. This results in a FILE NOT FOUND error if the file does not exist on the other server

Changing to a local replica and everything is fine and the local elements open
Have a replica on the other server and the element you want will open but on the other server even though you have opened the correct server AND the file appears to be on the correct server in designer.

This is what it looks like on the LHS side bar, Server LNS/AVXEUR which is correct.. yes when it tries to open an element it attempts to open the file on AVX_HKG_LNS1  (the hong kong server).

Using the "Open in CLient" option opens the correct file

My Location doc has the correct home server defined.

I have removed all the replicas from my Workspace on AVX_HKG_LNS1

I have check Notes.ini for any evidence of AVX_HKG_LNS1 and there is none

I have delete cache.ndk

I have compressed my workspace

I have removed and re-created all my Connection documents

So where is this coming from? Any suggestions gratefully received!!!!


Tracked down the cuplrit and it appears to have been something in the Location document .. I created a totally new location (not a ciopy and edit that DOES NOT WORK!) once i had removed the old Location Documents everything now is normal and has been for 2 days. I have my fingers crossed that this will not happen again anytime soon

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