Sunday 14 February 2010

Enthusions and Indifferons - The physics of not being arsed

It has been a while since I last sat at the keyboard to write a blog post of any kind and to be honest I think I reached the rubicon between "arsed" / "can't be arsed" and Julius Caesar like I marched resolutely in the territory "can't be arsed". Mind you instead of declaiming "ālea iacta est" (The die is cast) or something equally as memorable I think I may have sighed deeply and poured another cup of coffee.

There comes a time in every diariest's life where you start to slip into the "Sunday 14th - got up - had a shit, did stuff went to bed" mode. Samuel Pepys patron saint of bloggers even had his off periods noted by the torn out pages in his celebrated diaries.

Tuesday 12 February 1666
Up, and to ye office, where we didst sat all the morning, with several things (among others) discoursed with much fuming and exhortations to our two new assistant controllers, but especially Sir W. P, who is mighty troublesome in all things. Disporting as he is wont a unnatural desire for all things Outlook and distains a consideration of anything Domino. Such improcations really do skunder my pish.
Hey ho! As our French colleagues are wont to say “Plus ca change, plus ce la meme chose” and I think that is at the core of my general disatisfaction of late. Looking back over the past decade there is pretty much the same old same old coming at me from a variety of sources and to be frank which I know is unlike me.. it has quare an sucked the joy out of my professional and blogging life.

It really does come to something when a ranting old curmudgeon like myself can't be arsed even to vent some spleen on my blog and there has been plenty to rant about. I even let the descent of Iris Robinson - chief amongst my favourite targets for venom, pass by without comment.

The credit crunch's "layoff-phew it wasn't me this time-lay off" cycle plays not a small part in the consolidation of disatisfaction as does the fact that every time we hit a down market the amount of work seems to shoot up and desks start to pile up with projects stuck in the limbo of to much to do and not enough time to do it.

Getting up in the morning is hard when you know you will have to look at the interesting stuff you really want to do sitting stalled in the to do list purgatory whilst all the stuff that is made of whatever as yet undiscovered sub atomic particle that repels enthusiasm gets ever closer to your neck.

Hmm now there is a thought ... is there like positrons and electrons a particle for enthusiasm? The Enthusion and Indifferon ... depending on the make up of any given project should it emit more Enthusions than Indifferons it is a thing of wonder and excitment and vice a versa. I can see it now at project meetings, wave a special detection meter over a project and if it is a real dog just forget about it there an then, think of the time and desk space you would save! I think I will think more on this I could make a FORTUNE stopping NHS UberWanky Projects

;-) Later all

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