Sunday 13 September 2009

Whats new in Domino 8.5.1 (redacted to protect the guilty)

Recently I had a chat with one of the people "in the know" and he/she/it was effusive in his/her/its praise for the forth coming and long awaited release of ver 8.5.1, this is what he/she/it told me ...

Domino 8.5.1 is very ------------ It will probably be on ----------- and as part of LotusKnows it will contain a free ----------- which not only vibrates at 1200Hz and can be used to ------ kettles can also be used for ------------- and ------------ but that is really only useful if you are a ---------------- with a penchent for doing ------------- to -----s

The new ------------ with added ---------- is really very useful and has been well received by all testers. ---------- now works as expected but can cause ------------- which may lead to -------------- and tears before bed. A series of Lotus videos will describe how to -------------- in glorious detail and technicolor ------------ but looks remarkably like --------- ----------- with a weasel in up his ----------- an effect that detracts from the overall production.

Changes to the ---------------- have removed all ---------------- from the -------- which is a great relief to anyone who has -----------------itis and uses curly ---------------s on a regular basis.

My contact was also keen to pass on the fact that xpages now come with ----------- which now allow you to -------------- and ----------- at the same time! MaryBeth does warn that this can lead to ------------- and ------------- and if left in place may cause your user's eyes to water. I for one look forward to this!

Performance issues have also been addressed with a vastly improved ----------------- and -------------- leading to ----------------------- but this is sort of like ---------ing with a ----------- warts and all !!

I for one am moist with and my -----------s are tingling with excitement

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