Friday 12 June 2009

Panda Bear - a Boon for Quickr Users from SNAPPS

There are dozens of links to this already, however just in case you don't follow the Notes Yellow Blogs.. This is just out from those awfully nice people at SNAPPS
Panda Bear which is a nice alternative to the "Quickr Connectors" supplied with Quickr and because it is an ADOBE Air App, much less
intrusive when installed on your PC.

I was lucky enough to have been using it for a while now, the folks at SNAPPS called it "testing" .. but I managed not to break it, which for me is strange and for Panda Bear a ringing endorsement of it's stability and fragility.

If you have a mainly file share Quickr Installation and need a quick and easy method of getting files into and out of your Quickr Places, Panda bear is the tool for you.

Take a trip over to the SNAPPS site and check out and A+ Gold Star cracking app!

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