Wednesday 14 January 2009

Not Going to LS09? Join the proud non-attendee's who are not jealous at all!

After a tweet here and a tweet there from some of my chums on twitter
it has become clear that we non-attenders are feeling low and jealous as ***k.

So if you aren't going and are feeling down, hold you head high cos there are 1,000's
of us and we WILL be there vicariously on Twitter and sundry other sites.

Lotusphere Non-attendees UNITE!

PS Please feel free to steal this image and post it on your site

** Update **
Ben Langhinrichs has kindly added "Missing GONADs" to his LS Session Database
for those that that cannot attend!
Thank you Ben you shall reap your reward in Heaven!

** Update **

The Roll of Honourable Non Attendees
Steve McDonagh -&- Steve Lapthorn
Vitor Pereira -&- Bob Brodsky
Pedro Quaresma -&- David Vasta
David M Taylor -&- Ben Poole
Big Bear Freddie -&- John Turnbow
Vaughan Rivett -&- Tony Palmer
John Turnbow -&- David Killingsworth
Michelle O'Rorke -&- Chuck Dean
Ulrich Krause -&- Christian Tillmanns
Dave Harris -&- SvenM
Chris Harris -&- Chris Coates
Sean Cull -&- Guy Wakely
Grant Norman -&- Philip Storry
Per Henrik Lausten -&- Adam Gartenberg
Ray Bilyk -&- Mats
Alan Dalziel -&- Tim Lorge
Lars Berntrop-Bos -&- Sjaak Ursinus
Ian White -&- Gareth Howell
Marzel Laning -&- George Paglia
Simon Scullion

We will not be there in person but we will be WATCHING you that are!
(And if you don't enjoy yourselves we will come round and do unspeakable things to you with Custard and Herrings!)

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