Friday 10 December 2010

Extra items for the "It's a small lotus world" draw at LS11 UKLUG Nite

The force of nature that is Mr Bruce "Call-me-Animal-cos-I-drum-a-lot" Elgort  and the irrepressible posse of Lotii from the London Developers Co-op have had a whizz bang idea to raise some $$$s for the Children's Cancer Association (cca) and are offering a framed "Pixel Art" image that has lots and lots and lots of Lotus related things to find. Bruce and the London Dev Co-op chaps are and will be revealing bits of the image over the next few weeks as the excitment for LS11 starts to build.

Basically you can enter the draw by buying a $10 (us) ticket here via paypal here or by or from Matt, Mark, Gayle or Bruce at Lotusphere 2011. All monies collected will go directly to the CCA in honor of Danielle Elgort who lost her battle with a brain tumor in 2003.

As you may know I do a bit of drawing and painting in my spare time and as luck would have it I had done a drawing and a painting that are much less exciting that the main draw Pixel Art picture (which is really whizz bang fandabbydozey wonderful !!!), which I am shipping over to add to the prize haul for this draw.

So if you dig deep into the wallet and spring for a $10 ticket here  there are now a second and third prize piccies with a "Lotus World" theme in the draw.. so why no buy 3 tickets .. or 6 or 12 ???

First up .. we have what we all really really need .. a Map to the "Lands of the Lotii"

(Click to Make it bigger)

 And ... a still life of The UKLUG Advertising campagin in full swing
So go on.. dig deep and lets get some cash raised for a might good cause!

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